5BD in the studio

5 BILLION DEAD is currently in RECORDING mode working up some new offerings for our fans of the DEAD – at this time Chris B. has laid down his insane drum tracks – Mattdaddy has laid down the thunder, and Chuck B. is working on the vocal tracks!

So far the sound is pretty daymn deadly, so be patient as we continue to work on our next release!

Thanks Haven for another great show!

Chuck and the rest of 5 BILLION DEAD would like to thank everyone who came out to the Haven this past Friday night for what was yet another kick-ass performance from all the bands and fans! It had been a while, and the pit was crazy. Thanks to the other bands as well, TRAVERSER and FIELDS OF GLASS are both favorites, and BORN FROM ASHES sounded really great.

5 BILLION Thanks the Haven for once again kicking ass!

What’s next?

The band have been carefully making plans to lay down some new recorded tracks for the masses! We look forward to permanently laying down some of the new 5BD material, some of which nobody has even heard yet! Hell yeah!